“...There’s thirteen hundred and fifty-two
guitar pickers
in Nashville.”
“Nashville Cats,” The Lovin’ Spoonful, 1967

House Band is a television series based on the premise that some of the most talented artists in Nashville have two lives, playing music by night and working construction by day.
To take advantage of this fact of life in the Nashville music business, the show purchased an old house in East Nashville, hired only crafty musicians to renovate it, and formed a band, The House Band.
Producer Adair Kaiser conceived the idea when she realized how many accomplished artists still work construction jobs.  Kaiser, who moved back to her home-town of Nashville from Los Angeles in 2003, says, “You know you are in Nashville when your lawn man is nominated for a Grammy, you just saw your painter on Conan, the guy who lays your tile is Loretta's Lynn's songwriter son-in-law, and the handy man has to take a few days off to go play Carnegie Hall.” 

Stay tuned for the CD and the TV Show.

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